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Working Under Pressure

Noted Speaker Brian Tracy says that

Nobody Works better under Pressure, instead They just Work Faster.

That’s True.

Imagine that you are very Cool working on one of your Assignments, and Suddenly things turn under pressure. Maybe your Boss calls for a Dashboard, Your Customer is Asking for a Report.

Am I Right?

Most of us will Agree, that Yes, such Situations do Occur.

So, what should one do?

It’s a Process which one needs to Develop over a Period of Time, the Process of Dealing with and Working under Pressure.

Close your Eyes Daily for at least 5 Minutes and Think Nothing.

This will develop your Mental Resilience.

Plan your Work.

Focus on Vital Things.

Delegation at times helps a lot.

Be Adaptable and Flexible.

Staying Calm and Cool, is the Key to dealing with such Situations, because Pressures are like High Tides and Low Tides, which has an Impact, as per our ways of handling those Moments.

So always Welcome Pressure as an Opportunity, especially at Work place, and Try to find a resolution for the same. Because every Problem comes with a Solution.

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