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Stages of Psychological Development

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

As humans, we evolve over a period of time, and this evolution can be defined in 7 different Stages:

1) Survive Learning how to Stay Alive and Free from being Harmed, by Keeping yourself Fit and Healthy.

2) Conformance: Abiding by the rules and regulation and being loyal to yourself, your family, your colleagues and your culture.

3) Differentiator: Do something different and be different by excelling at what you do best.

4) Individuality: is Becoming who you really are.

5) Values: Having Good Values and leading a Value driven life.

6) Collaborating: You can make a Difference, but you always need help and that is achieved by Good Collaborative Relationships.

7) Giving Back: You owe a lot to your Family, Friends, Colleagues, the Society; hence Leaving a Legacy that will give a lot to this beautiful world and its living beings.

This kind of Evolution can really help you and your surrounding people, to Live a Fruitful life.

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