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Relationship Management

Managing Relationship is all about Care, Trust and Respect, but in a Balanced way. Too much is too burden. Hence one should understand where to Start and where to Stop. It like being Flexible, in almost any of the situations.

One has to maintain relationship almost every, whether Official or on Personal Front. The trick is almost the same, but differs a little. Trust and Respect is common, and Care needs to be used in a Diplomatic way.

The Facts about Maintaining Relationship may seem to be one sided, but they are not, instead, if everyone adopts them, it bound to be Collaborative, and will help in maintaining healthy relations:

Learn to Change yourself, your behavior, your speech, your actions, your tone Arguments are good, it they put forward in a positive way, and will be then termed as Brain


Understand that everyone is different, hence it may take some time, for everyone to understand each other. Still differences are likely to be there, and this gap needs to be minimized as much as possible.

Honour each other in some way or the other every day, at least once.

Don't panic, it is sheer waste of productive time.

Fine tune your relationship at each and every point of difficulties, because when there is a problem, there is always a solution.

So, the Key to Maintaining Relationship is to find a way to become and Stay as Best Friends or Colleagues, and this is possible, only when we all believe in a Win-Win Situation.

So always, Stay Flexible, and Maintain a Healthy Relationship.

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