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Psychology of Decision Making

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Decision are the basis of each and every, we take as Human. Not only Humans, it exists in each and every living being.

Its a step by step process, which leads to decision making, whether it is Right or Wrong. As per Hypothesis, there is nothing Right or Wrong in this World. What is Today Right, Maybe Wrong Tomorrow, and Vice versa.

Decision is a reflection of few of the activities, listed below:

What are we Deciding?

What Choices do we have?

What do we need to Know?

What Consequences do we care about?

Are we thinking in the Right Direction?

Will we really Act upon our Decision?

This Decision Making Activities list may be endless, but those listed above are few of them, which play an important role in the Psychology of Decision Making.

If you can't decide, Close your eyes for few minutes and think nothing. You will feel afresh and then you can Deep dive in to Decision Making.

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