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Psychological Tool Johari Window

Around the 1950's American, Psychologists, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, converted this Psychological Concept into a Powerful Tool, and named it as the "Johari Window”, after combining their First names Joe and Harry.

It is a simple and a useful tool for understanding and is used in many of the Trainings for Self as well as Team Development.

The Johari Window is divided into 4 areas or parts:

1) Open or the Free Area, which is Known by Self, as well as Known by Others.

2) Blind Area: which is Unknown by Self, and Known by others. This area can be known, by asking for Feedback.

3) Hidden Area: which is Known by Self, and Unknown to Others. This area only is Exposed, is known to others.

4) Unknown Area: Unknown by Self, as well as Unknown to Others. This area comes into limelight by Self Discovery and Other's Observation.

From a Practical Point of view, Implementing Johari Window, is a 2 Step Process:

1) Start with the Open or Free Area, by Honestly and Clearly Writing down your Strengths and Weakness, which you are comfortable sharing with others.

2) Ask for Feedback from other people and be prepared to seriously consider at least some of them.

If used in an effective and open-minded way, this tool will change your behaviour psychologically.

This tool does have some drawbacks too, hence keep in mind a few pointers, since this is NOT a Confession:

*) Some things are better NOT to be communicated to others

*) Some may use the information passed on in a negative way

*) Some may take feedback offensively, hence try to be Diplomatic

Hence this Psychological tool “Johari Window” is a Self-Awareness Diagnostics, for you as an Individual and for Teams as well.

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