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Present and Persuade

Ever thought of Pitching anything, we do at times. It’s NOT tough, but it needs Practice. Somewhere one needs to start. We have been doing a lot, in terms of presenting, knowingly or unknowingly, to persuade someone, to get one thing or the other done. That same tactic, we need to use during our work, in a slightly different way.

There are few pointers which can help everyone of us to Successfully Present and Persuade:

1) Knowing how your brain functions, helps you in bridging the gap between older way of working and creative way of working

2) The Best way to

a. Set the Frame

b. Tell the Story

c. Arouse the Interest of the Audience

d. Sometimes use Emotions and NOT Logic

e. Be Engaging

3) Understand the Architecture of Pitching, as it takes time to improve, and at times you have to be needy. One should have a mission, objectives, goals, and the tactics that support it.

4) Overcome the Pitching Flaws like too much Talking, being Vague, seeming too needy, similarity in pitches. All these flaws need to be avoided.

Above all there is one thing, which helps to Present and Persuade, and that is sheer Confidence. Hence Remember, “Conquer your Fear and you will Conquer the World”. That’s the Key in getting Success at each and every step of the Presentation and Persuading the same with a Single person, a Group or a Large Audience.

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