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Negotiation Skills in Sales

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Negotiation is a Skill, which helps in Selling. The Broaden sense is Selling your Skills, the Product, the Services etc. What one needs to understand is how to use those, a few of which are listed below:

Being an Active Listener: Listen Carefully, and Observe the Behaviour of Others, because if you dont listen carefully, you are likely to miss the opportunity.

Be a Problem Solver: One need to have a Good understanding of their Products and Services Plus at the same time one should make best use of basic analytical skills to be a Good Problem Solver.

Be a good Persuader: There are 2 ways of being a Persuader, one is by Force and other is by have a deep understanding of the issue. Here we would use the latter way as it is more ethical.

Be a Good Communicator: To successfully negotiate, one should communicate clearly, effectively and to the point.

Controlling Emotions: Being Professional helps you in Controlling your Emotions, because if you loose control, you are bound to take wrong or irrelevant decisions.

Be Diplomatic: In Business relations, one needs to be Patient, Respectful and at the same time Tactful, but Diplomatic. So, one of the most important goals is to establish Trust and Build Good Relationship.

So, to Summarize, in order to be a Good Negotiator, you should be a Jack of All, Rather then being a Master of One.

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