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Meeting Etiquettes

The Dos and Don’ts of Meeting Etiquettes, are very important to understand, especially for those who are new on the job.

I would recommend NOT to focus more on Don'ts since, they are of NO use and should NOT be on your mind.

Hence Let’s talk more about the Do's, in order to make the Meeting Effective:

1) Listening: actively to what others are saying is the key to your Success, as it gives a lot of insight on the subject for which the meeting is called for.

2) Be Prepared: Understand the Agenda, and Be prepared well in advance regarding your doubts, what you need to convey, and what needs to be achieved, by the end of the meeting.

3) Take Notes: as it helps a lot, especially when it comes to Points that need to be acted upon, or need follow-up later.

4) Asking Questions: gives more clarity on what is expected from you by others and at the same time, it clarifies doubts, if any.

5) Drinks: of course, Non-alcoholic are acceptable inside the meeting room, but if you in Marketing, Pre-Sales, or Sales; and in some Foreign Land, you might find that there are Non-alcoholic drinks as well at one corner of the Meeting rooms, along with other Drinks and Snacks. These are kept for intake, only after the meeting is over, hence have Patience and Drink Responsibly.

If you keep in mind, these pointers, then it becomes very easy to get the required outcome, from the attended Meetings.

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