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Marketing Mantras

We have always heard the words Sales and Marketing, but the fact is that it should be the reverse, i.e. Marketing and Sales, because Marketing comes first and then Sales. Hence, to gain more insight into Marketing, we need to understand the Marketing Mantras.

Understand the Product or the Service Functionally:

The Customer can ask any question any time and hence one has to be prepared upfront, by getting as much information as you can regarding your own company, your Product or the Services, which you are going to market.

The Background of the Customer and their Requirements:

A well-prepared Marketing person, has enough knowledge of what the Customer does, or tries to find out the same, to better understand their requirements. It is as good as half the battle won.

The Existing Process used by the Customers:

Every customer has its own process, either manual or automated, hence your product or service should add value to the Customer, without which any Customer would NOT be interested in your Marketing Gimmicks.

The Meeting Place and Time:

Place where a Meeting can happen without disturbance, at the convenient timing preferably of the Customer, since a Good Ambience always adds Optimism to the Meeting.

The Pricing and the Promotions:

Pricing should be discussed somewhere in the middle of the conversation, since understanding requirements may take time and that helps in promoting your product or services.

These 5 points Mantras are the key to achieving Success in your Marketing activities, which acts as an Enabler to proceed to the next step of Sales

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