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Languages, Dialect and Accent

When we talk of Communication Skills, we cannot neglect the basis of the Languages that are characterized by its Dialect and Accent.

Lets understand how these 3 things differ and still integrate with each other.

Any Language has a wide Geographic reach. Hence, Two people from different Geographies, who speak different languages cannot understand one another. For e.g. an Englishman and a French.

Dialects have a Regional reach. It can be defined as Closely related varieties of one Language. People from different Regions, who speak different dialects, will be able to understand most of what the other person is saying, since they are speaking the same Language, but with different Dialects. For e.g. British English versus American English.

Accents are how People sound, when they speak the same Language. Accents can arise from Speaking a different Dialect, or having a different style of Speech. Accent often changes, when the Language being spoken is a Second Language of the individual. e.g. a Native English Speaker and a French English Speaker.

I hope that by now, it has become easier to understand the differences and the integration of Languages via Dialect and Accent.

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