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Human Behavior

If one has to improve one’s own behavior, it is very essential to understand different types of human behavior, accept that change in behavior is a must, and take the necessary steps towards it. It might sound difficult, but everything is possible, only if you have the will to achieve it.

When we look at Human Behavior from the Business point of view, it can be divided into four Quadrants:

Providing a Framework:

The C suite (CEO, etc.) is responsible for providing this Framework which acts as a structure for Human Behavior in the entire Organization, that is useful for the Sustenance of the Business.


Connect with others in order to gain a Collaborative edge, that helps in achieving Success, since the “We” funda works better that the “I” funda. It’s team work that creates innovative ideas, making the Business a better place to survive in this Competitive world.

Leave a Foot print:

Since you are representing the Business, your Behavior matters a lot. The marks which your behavior leaves, creates a Positive Foot print for the Business, thereby nurturing its Growth.

The Possibilities:

At time, being Innocent, can lead to getting more information, and help you in Exploring the Right opportunities, that are beneficial for the Business, which in turn reflect a True picture of the possibilities in existence.

Hence it is better to change your Behavior for the betterment of the Business, which in turn will help in your Career Growth as well. It’s a Give and Take Relation, that finally decides the future of both the Business and your Personal needs.

So Better to have Total Control over your Behavior.

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