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Enhancing the success rate of the business meets

We always try our level best to be prepared before any of our Business Meets, but still, we are bound to Forget, Fumble and Loose Track. In such a situation, it is very essential to keep some useful phrases handy. These Phrases, if used appropriately at the right time and at the right location, serve very helpful, in taking the conversations forward.

We are bound to get deeper insight because of proper usage of these phrases. These phrases are really very useful during any Business meet, and makes one sail smoother thru the ups and downs of the various points discussed during the meet.

There are different ways for each of the occasions, since every occasion is NOT unique. Few of these are listed below:

 When you want to Interrupt:

o Excuse me please, But I think …….

o Pardon, But I have something to say …….

 Giving Opinions:

o We seem to be heading in the right direction, but we need to check on the facts first

o I feel that it needs to be a blend of both

 Asking Opinions:

o What’s your Gut Feeling

o What’s your Take on this?

 Giving Comments

o Point noted

o Worth considering

 Agreeing:

o Yes, this should work

o Superb, we will take this forward

 Disagreeing

o I think we can keep this as one of the options

o Good, Lets also think of another solution

 Giving Advise

o Let’s keep this as the last option

o Good till now, but we have to find another alternative

 Clarifying

o Was this better to understand

o I will try to give an example

 Repetition

o Could you please explain the second point again?

o I think I need more clarity of point number 3

By glancing thru the above phrases used in various different situations, I think, it will be very easy to understand that proper phrases are always useful and should be used time and again, for enhancing the Success rate of the Business meets.

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