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Email Etiquette

As a Professional, we need to Express, by the way of Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Of course, Actions are an integral part of Expression, hence a balanced mind, most of the times, follows most of the Etiquette.

Today, we are going to highlight on Writing Skills for Email, also referred to as the Email Etiquette.

Foremost, a Calm and Composed mind, helps to express in much better Diplomatic way, and in any kind of situation.

A few points that should be considered as part of Email Etiquette are:

1) Keep it Short and Clear i.e. to the Point.

2) Think thrice, before doing a Reply all.

3) The Subject line, should give a Synopsis of in very few words.

4) Use Proper Keywords, so that you can easily search this email, whenever required in the near future.

5) In case, if the Content of the Email is on a Separate Topic, always keep the habit of creating a New Email.

Those highlighted above are just a few of the Email Etiquette. Apart from this, always do a Spell check. In case, if you want to reply to the email later, always open the email, write down the initial reply and save it as a Draft, for future use.

Using some of these Good habits, can really help you as a Professional, in better Management of your Emails.

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