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Effective Communication Skills

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Conveying a certain thing to one or many in such a way that they understand your explanation and at the same time are able to correlate it with the relevant references, can be termed as part of Communication Skills.

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Expressing are the Main Communicative area, which one should focus on while improving their Communication Skills.

The Communication Cycle is a 2-way process between the Sender and the Receiver and vice versa.

The basis of Effective Communications depends on the 7 Cs, namely Being Clear, Concise, Concrete, Correct, Coherent (Sensible), Complete and Courteous.

Plan your Communication in such a way, as if you are going to tell a Story with Powerful Persuasion, no matter whether it is Face to Face or Online.

The aim should be to Run Productive Meetings by Open Closed Minds which might involve handling difficult situation, Breaking the Ice, and Delivering in a Presentable way, where your Style, Pause, Tone and Pitch, will Create a Win-Win Situation.

So, Get Set Go, to be an Effective Communicator. Good Luck.

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