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Effective Communication

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

What is communication?

Communication is a simple process which has a Sender, a receiver and a message.

But is that all?

Certainly not..!!

The communication must have an understanding of the message given by the sender.

If a communicator or a sender gives a message, but the receiver is not able to understand it, if he is not able to understand what the sender is communicating with him, the message is not of any use.

If I say “Bounjour” and if you don’t know French, then you will not be able to understand the message and probably you will not reply.

“Bounjour” in French means “Hello”.

So, it is very important to make the communication to effective communication. To make an effective communication the understanding of the message is very important.

Commonly communication can be widely categorized in,

1. Verbal Communication

2. Nonverbal communication

3. Visual Communication

4. Written communication

The verbal communication is the use of the language to pass a message to the receiver

In Nonverbal communication, there is no direct involvement of the language like English or French etc. but it involves the boy language.

It is also important that what is your body language when you are communicating.

How you stand

How you look

How is your posture

How is your gesture

What are your expressions

If you are telling some joke and while speaking if your facial expressions are sad then it creates a contradiction and creates a doubt as both contradict each other. The receiver or the listener may not be understanding what exactly you want to communicate.

So, it is very important that your language and your body language must go hand in hand.

A good body posture represents confidence. If you communicate with good confidence it will definitely have a great effect on the listener.

Communication is a skill and one can learn and practice this skill to be a good communicator.

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