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Customer Behaviour

It is very essential to understand Customer Behaviour. Some may say that how is it possible, because one might meet or listen to a customer for the first time.

That’s where, you being a Sales Personnel needs to Groom up.

Consumer Behaviour can be understood thru the following points:

Motive: Every Customer has a Motive, try to understand that first.

Perception: It is all about how we gain information about the requirements of the Customer.

Beliefs: How to change the Beliefs of the Customer, in order to gain a Competitive edge, is a skill in itself.

Age: One should be able to deal with different age brackets, as every age bracket has its own expectations.

Occupation: If you get hold of the information regarding Customers Occupation, you are likely to co-relate the same, with some or the other reference.

Culture: Every Customer has its own unique culture, and that depends on where the Customer works or What does the Customer do.

Household: Customer Behaviour is Strongly influenced by Where the Customer Stays.

Responses: Customer responses can help you to pitch the right type of brand, understanding the buying time and the intervals as well.

Marketing: Right Marketing Strategies, Promotions, Advertising and Communicating the Right Type of Product, is the Key to gaining Customer Confidence.

If as a Sales person, one could find out at least some of the above information, maybe thru a small Survey form, or by Questioning, it will definitely change the Customers Behaviour in your Favour.

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