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Cracking Interview

Apart from being confident in your work and experience, there are several other things that are considered for hiring, and People & Soft Skills is one of them. You can also make use of a Pre-interview checklist for the same.

As part of the Checklist, please note the following:

 Print the Resume and the Job Description

 As Mr. 007 says, Dress for Success with a Professional Hair Style

 Practice both Technical and Behavioral Skills

 Keep yourself Energetic on the Entire day of the Interview

 Learn as much as you can, about the Employer

As part of the People & Soft Skills, please note the following:

 Develop your Communication Skills like Listening, Keeping Patience,

 Speak to the point

 Your ability as a Team Player, is Tested thru Questions on Real Life Problem Scenarios

 Pay Attention to Details, from Writing CV, to Presentation and Responses

 Your ability to be a Critical Thinker, in times of Constraints is Tested thoroughly

 Your Creative Thinking Ability is tested time and again, for Innovative Ideas

So, just being good Technically is Good, but have a Sound Soft Skills Exposure, plays 90% of the part, while Cracking Interview.

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