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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Tele Cell Conversation

When speaking on your handset whether it is a Telephone or a Cell Phone or Web call, We need to understand the difference between Formal and Informal Conversation.

Conversation in a two communication and hence each speaker should get sufficient time to Speak and Listen as well.

We need to respect others' time and views as well, when in conversation.

For Business Talks, better to be Formal always, because, you have to keep Always one thing in mind "When it comes to Business Communication, We are dealing with Colleagues, Customer Representatives, Client Contacts, Competitors etc."

Friendship CANNOT be a part of Business, but Yes, Respectable Relation and Conversation are part of Good Business Communication Skills.

Below are listed a Few of the Formal conversations, which we normally use in our day to day official life:

Greetings like Good Morning, etc.

Could you hold on a moment, please?

I am sorry, she is out of office today.

Thank you for calling.

May I ask, who's calling, please?

Please wait, I am trying to contact Mr Smith.

I think he's in a meeting.

He is free in the afternoon after 2pm.

I would like to make a reservation, please.

So if we keep in mind that we have to be formal, it really helps to have a pleasant and fruitful conversation,which is always essential, when we are dealing with Business Communications. Your Formal attitude itself states that half the battle is won, rest will be a Cakewalk then.

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