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Consulting Mindsets

Consulting Mindsets

It might come to mind that what a Consulting Mindset has to do with Soft Skills. But, it one Question comes to the mind, that “What it takes to be a Consultant”, will Clear all the Thoughts that erupt out of the Blues.

We do a lot of things in our day-to-day life, knowingly and unknowingly, but if we apply a little bit of Consulting Mindset to it, the way to look at everything and anything changes considerably.

First think First, Always Start with a Why, like, why should we do this, why it has to be like that only. When such thoughts come to your mind, they are likely to Eliminate Uncertainty, and We are forced to put forward our prospective based on data, experience, and/or argument. This will establish Trust and uncover problems offering achievable solutions.

Always see the whole world, I mean the Bigger Picture, understanding others perspective. The key is to be an Effective Communicator, which will maximize the upcoming opportunities, since we will gain the right intention and proper direction.

Persuading the Management, the Customer and the Team, needs a Consultative Approach, which is nothing but the Consulting Mindset.

The Best part is using Techniques to sound like a Confident Consultant:

· Do your Work

· Set your Frame

· Smile

· Be Collaborative

· Introduce yourself

· Know your Audience

· Understand what are you here for

· Describe the Context

· Time is Money

· No Over Explanation

· Keep is Simple

· Keep Cool

· Closing the Conversation

So I think, by now We are Geared up to be The Confident Consultant. Good Luck! ……

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