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Communication Skills

The must have skills for everyone to sustain in the Corporate world is Communication Skill. It’s the choices and the fluency of words, which helps to convince and gain an extra edge over others.

The Communication Skills can be categorized in to various areas:

· Verbal

· Non-Verbal

· Listening Skills

· Writing Skills

· Questioning Skills

Communication is a Two-Way Process, and it involves both the sending and receiving of information. Hence, it requires both Speaking and Listening, which helps in developing a shared understanding of information being transmitted and received.

It is therefore an Active process and needs a very Sincere Presence of Mind. Hence developing Communication Skills, is Best thought of as a Long-term project. Thus, changes are that one has to learn about Communication, throughout the Life. So, Gear up, it’s your Attitude that matters a lot, when it comes to developing such a kind of dedication, especially in being a Good Communicator.

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