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Bridge The Gap

People are in search of a good job and every where they are finding, “No Vacancy”..!!

On the other hand, corporates are searching for good candidates and are not able to find them even after putting large of efforts.

Corporates are approaching to recruiting agencies and these agencies are also pushing hard to get their candidate hired. Still there is a complaint from either side.

Where exactly the gap is?

Are the candidates not qualified for the required job? Or are demanding more salary?

What exactly the corporates are looking for?

Many candidates are available with required qualification, then what exactly is stopping corporates to hire them?

Apart from the qualification, corporates are looking for,

· How the candidate is presenting himself?

· How is his body language?

· What is his way to approach the problem?

· Is the candidate interested in learning new skills?

· Can the candidate do the job?

and many more...

These soft skills of the candidate play a major role in cracking the interview.

Meaning, to bridge the gap and the way to win is to improve & develop the soft skills.

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