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Brain Performance

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

What's Performance all about ?

The only word that can come to my mind is Acting.

One has to Act, to be an Actor.

Think otherwise, our Brain Performs only when it Acts continously.

When I say Act continously, it does Not mean the Routine Act.

Anything out of the way, which is non-routine, helps the Brain to Excel in its Capabilities.

As a Child, till our age of 12, We are curious about things, which keeps the Brain Active. This Curiosity diminishes over a period of time, since We feel that We know everything about our selves and our Surroundings. That's where the Performance of the Brain starts giving up.

So in order that your Brain should perform, do Newer Tasks,.which can.range from Writing Stories, Playing Brain Games to Learning a New Language.

So now on wards, Be an Actor and Explore.

You will never ever have any Complains but will also.Compliment your Brains Performance.

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