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Boost Your Memory During Lock-down

Is it possible to boost the power of the Bairn?

How is it possible in this lockdown situation?

There is nothing to do, Nothing to work ..!!

Is it true that I can increase the memory power of my brain in such situation?

The answer of all these questions in Yes, why not?

Consider how often you find yourself forgetting something important. You might forget the name of someone from your past or a word you want to use.

First let’s understand why we forget.

There are four major reasons why we forget the things and we find it difficult to remember.

1. Failure of the retrieval

2. Failure in inter-reference

3. Failure to store

4. Motivated to forgetting

Let’s understand one by one

Have you ever experienced that a piece of the information has just vanished from your memory? Or it is there but it becomes very difficult to find it? The inability to retrieve the memory is a common cause of the failure of the memory.

As the time passes, the memory traces began to fade and disappear. If the information is not retrieved and rehearsed in a long period of time, we tend to forget it and it will eventually be lost.

There are 2 types of memories classified widely.

1. Short term memory

2. Long term memory

The above case comes under short term memory.

I case of long-term memory, even if the information is not retrieved and rehearsed, it remains in the memory.

So, if we try and train the brain to retrieve the information and try doing rehearsal, we probably remember the things and will not forget it.

Another way to remember the information is to have an interreference of the things.

If the information is very similar to the other information which is already stored in the memory and we give the reference of it to the new information, we can remember the things very easily.

Sometimes the information fails to enter long term memory, and we tend to forget the things.

Sometimes we may actively work to forget memories, especially those of traumatic or disturbing events or experiences

Now, how to overcome and improve our memory?

There are some scientifically proven exercises which we may have to do,

1. Brain Training

Our Brain needs training just like our muscles. Mental workouts are essential to keep the brain active and boot its power.

There are some brain exercises,

1. Reading and retrieval

2. Challenging your brain to retrieve the things you had seen or experienced or read

3. Boosting short term memory by doing some of the activities like,

Drawing a map from the memory

Create a word picture

Continuously test your recall etc.

2. Physical exercise

Brisk walking


Performing Yoga etc.

3. Meditation

Doing meditation is proven to be very effective brain exercise

4. Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in our brain power.

Getting enough sleep is very important to keep our brain healthy.

5. Reduce sugar intake

Sugar foods and delicious but they play a negative role in memory power

6. Avoid high calorie diet

High calorie diet is another fact that reduces the brain power

7. Increase caffeine intake

Try drinking coffee or green tea

Try these things and you will definitely see the change in your memory power.

Stay fit, stay healthy.

Best luck..!!

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