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But there is just one hitch. "RIGHT Attitude Changes Everything".

Hence, Attitude can be defined, as a Positive or Negative Feeling towards anyone, which can be a Person, Object or an Issue.

Attitude arises out of Evaluative Judgement, and once has to be very careful, while showing an Attitude Behaviour.

It plays an important role in your Success and Leadership.

It can lead to being Ego Defensive at times, but the Right Function of an Attitude should be Adjustment, Expressive Value and Knowledge Functionality.

Positive Attitude helps at your Workplace, which include behaviours like, Courtesy, Punctuality, Collaborative, Professional Speech, Integrity and Humility which means being Respectful.

It may sound a little weird, but the fact remains clear, that Having the Right Attitude at the Right Time, is the Key to Success.

So, Get Set and Get Going with a Positive Attitude.

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